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We are providing Drupal solutions and services. Well, that is a pretty short version of the truth but something that focuses on the core of our business. Web sites and web applications do require a wide variety of disciplines and experience. Below's a list with the most important tools and technologies that we use as the ingredients for your solution. As there is no unique recipe for all dishes, we should get together and talk about your requirements and wishes.

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  • DUGB Meeting end of September 2014: #Drupal user group around Lake Constance / Bodensee, see http://t.co/cT66rqIye0 15 hours 37 min ago
  • @ramriot @jurgenhaas Cool. I'm dusting off my C skills and teaching myself how to make a PHP extension to make a clean ED25519 library 2 weeks 18 hours ago
  • @trianglman @jurgenhaas Understood, just needed something of a fallback for testing and hopefully I can help get it running faster. 2 weeks 18 hours ago
  • @ramriot @jurgenhaas It's just way too slow. It takes 30-60 seconds to validate a signature (at least on my VM dev machine) 2 weeks 19 hours ago
  • @ramriot @jurgenhaas The ED25519 code is complete and tests. I would not recommend using anything other than a C extension for production 2 weeks 19 hours ago